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Lebel Art DM LLC

Aesthetic Boutique

Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique Makes You Look Your Best

We offer a range of services to make our clients look beautiful and feel confident. Call or email us to learn more.

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Our Services

3D Areola Tattoo Restoration

We offer Micropigmentation - a non-surgical procedure augmenting breast reconstruction by creating the illusion of a natural, realistic areola and nipple.

For women who have experienced breast cancer and undergone mastectomies or may have irregular or​ fading areolas, we offer intradermal pigmentation and 3-D nipple restoration. This treatment helps women to recover physically and emotionally from the scars of breast cancer - beauty that heals the soul.

Learn more about 3-D areola restoration, or contact Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique Artist for additional information about this procedure.

3D Areola Tattoo Restoration and Scar Camouflage FAQs:

What: Areola restoration is a 3D tattoo procedure to replicate the areola and nipple. Scar camouflage is a similar procedure performed on other areas of the face and body. 

Who: Anyone who may have had total loss, irregularity, or inconsistency in their areola and nipples after any type of breast reconstructive surgery, or anyone who is looking to adjust their body’s look.

Why: Areola restoration is a soft and hyper-realistic, non-invasive permanent tattoo that should restore beauty and be undetectable.

How: Usually the procedure does not hurt, but you would be offered a numbing cream throughout the appointment if you feel any discomfort or pain. We will perform color matching to the existing areola to blend scarring. At Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique, we can also create an entirely new areola if it is too misshapen or light.

Scar Camouflage

Our Paramedical cosmetic tattoos, otherwise called Micropigmentation help our clients heal, by camouflaging scars, burns, birthmarks, and other skin imperfections resulting from injuries and surgeries. This Micropigmentation can also be used to break up scar tissue and restore skin color for a more natural appearance.

We are passionate about disguising our client's scars and discolorations from birthmarks, non-pigmented age spots, and cosmetic surgeries including facelifts and tummy tucks, and cleft palates. 

Check examples of scar camouflaging on our Instagram and Facebook, or contact Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique for any questions you may have.

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are experiencing a receding hairline, thinning hair, baldness, alopecia, or scars - Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP could be a great option for you! Scalp micropigmentation adds density to your scalp to conceal hair loss and is low maintenance, with no downtime.

Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

What: Microblading or Permanent Makeup has been on the market for years now. The techniques and quality of ink develop and exceed the expectations of customers and artists. The newest addition is a Powder Brow Technique. Check our latest results on Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique Facebook Page.

Who: People who experience all forms of hair loss or thinning hair due to natural or hormonal causes, illness, or genetics.

Why: Scalp Micropigmentation is a multi-step long-lasting procedure designed to help people to restore their confidence and feel beautiful.

How: SMP is a very individual procedure. It may require 3-4 treatments until a customer and practitioner get the ideal result. The procedures may be uncomfortable and painful – it all depends on the level of your pain tolerance. But Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique artists always have topical numbing creams to ease the discomfort. Make sure to ask your questions and discuss details with your artist before the procedure.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Your eyebrows frame your face and when they are defined, they can take years off your appearance. Using the Powder technology shapes your brow by implantation. It gives you a soft look and we also offer Machine hair strokes for a more natural look. Check our Instagram Stories for detailed videos of Permanent  Eyebrow Makeup.  

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup FAQs

What: Microblading or Permanent Makeup has been on the market for years now. The techniques and quality of ink develop and exceed the expectations of customers and artists. The newest addition is a Powder Brow Technique. Check our latest results on Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique Facebook Page.

Who: Practically anyone who wants to wake up in the morning with the perfect eyebrows and eyeliner. It saves time when you are getting ready for work or a date, it helps to keep your look sharp and beautiful.

How: Normally microblading or permanent eyeliner and eyebrow makeup takes about 2-3 hours. The artist at Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique would usually discuss and chose the perfect shape for your new eyebrows and/or eyeliner, numb the area of work with pain-relieving cream and start working on your eyebrows.

Make sure to discuss what you need to avoid before and after the procedure, as well as how to take care and what to expect in the next 2 weeks after microblading. Most of the time it is a good idea to follow up in 3-4 weeks for a touch-up.

Lip Permanent Makeup

Want to save time and money with your beauty routine? Lip permanent makeup enhances your lip shape, color, and appearance. Intradermal pigmentation for lip liner and color adds fullness and shades to the lip. It will also prevent the appearance of lipstick bleeding into the surrounding skin. 

Permanent Lip Makeup FAQs

What: The process and techniques are very similar to permanent eyebrow makeup. Permanent Lip Makeup enhances lip shape, lip color adding fullness to our customer’s lips.

Who: Anyone who wants their lips to look fuller with neat shape.

How: Lip countering and permanent lip makeup may take up to 2 hours of our time. Make sure you discuss before and aftercare for your procedure. It will take 10-14 days to heal, and another week to see the final result. Make sure you properly take care of your lips during the healing process. It may sound painful - tattoo on your lips, but with the help of topical anesthetics, the procedure will be tolerable, and you would love the results! Read our reviews.

Tiny Tattoos

We specialize in tiny tattoos - unique accessory on your body.  We can bring your vision to life! Schedule your appointment today!

Tiny Tattoos FAQs

What: In the last few years, tiny tattoo popularity has spiked. And to no surprise for us at Le Bel Art Aesthetic Boutique. We love tiny tattoos: aside from being adorable, small, and easy to hide, they are less expensive than full intricately designed tattoos.

Who: Tiny tattoos look amazing on any person! Period. They could also be a great option for the first tattoo for young adults, as well as a tattoo that can be shared among family members.

How: We will work together on the tiny tattoo design and placement. That’s basically it. Visit our Gallery of Tiny Tatoo works for inspiration!

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup
Eyebrow Microblading and permanent makeup

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