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We Provide Excellent Micropigmentation and permanent makeup Services

Our company specializes in 3D areola tattoo restoration, scalp micro-pigmentation, permanent eyebrow and lip permanent makeup, and other services. We are located in Plano, TX. 

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Online Gallery | Le Bel Art | McKinney Tx

Take a look at how we make our clients beautiful here at Le Bel Art in Plano, Texas. Our company specializes in 3D areola tattoo restoration, scalp micro-pigmentation,  eyebrow and lip permanent and semi-permanent makeup, and other services. We also create a variety of tiny tattoos that make the perfect accessory. 

3D Areola Tattoo Restoration

 Areola restoration is a 3D tattoo procedure to replicate the areola and nipple. Areola restoration is a soft and hyper-realistic, non-invasive permanent tattoo that should restore beauty and be undetectable. If you have questions, contact Le Bel Art in Plano, TX. 

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure similar to permanent and semi-permanent makeup on eyebrows (microblading). The goal is to create hairlike lines on the scalp by using layered dots in different hues. This technique allows a micropigmentation professional to create a more natural look with depth and definition.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Microblading or Permanent Eyebrow / Eyeliner Makeup has been on the market for years now. The techniques and quality of ink develop and exceed the expectations of customers and artists.

Permanent Lip Makeup

The process and techniques for Permanent Lip Makeup are very similar to permanent eyebrow makeup. Permanent Lip Makeup enhances lip shape, lip color adding fullness to our customer’s lips.

Tiny Tattoos

In the last few years, Tiny Tattoo's popularity has spiked. And to no surprise for us at Le Bel Art. We love tiny tattoos: aside from being adorable, small, and easy to hide, they are less expensive than full intricately designed tattoos

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