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beautiful. glamorous. confident.

Beauty that Heals The Soul.

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Meet Jenn Dutcher

Graduating from Art School in 2003, Jenn found her passion exploring needles - working on tattoo removals, scar needling, and camouflage. Jenn has trained with many world-renowned Master Artists, while traveling the world.

Learning realism has been the most meaningful training she has received, allowing her to create beautiful work for women who are hurting and want to feel complete again.

Jenn is also a Sauler Selective Artist, She feels passionate about helping breast cancer survivors.

Funding is available for tattooing services to those who qualify.

"I began working with ink, with the sole purpose of changing lives. I help my clients regain their confidence and feel complete, once again."

xoxo, Jenn


Many of Jenn's clients just want to feel complete once again. To reclaim and empower their natural beauty. Jenn is passionate about bringing their dreams to life and creating life changing results.

From Micropigmentation to 3D Areola Reconstruction or Scar Camouflage.

The healing power of beauty is when Jenn's clients regain their confidence and feel complete, once again.

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